Movie Review: Margin Call (2011 – J.C. Chandor)

Since the DVD just came out today, I thought I’d post this.

Movie Review: MARGIN CALL

Or, The Thankless Job of Quants a.k.a. Sylar’s Good!

This fictional recreation about the collapse of an unnamed Wall Street firm (maybe a combination of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns) circa 2008 opens with what one “survivor” calls a bloodbath. “It’s gonna to get pretty ugly ‘round here,” he says afterwards, a bit dazed.

The following 90 plus minutes prove this observation to be prescient. Although Chandor’s picture is not a gore-fest of fake blood, “blood-letting” comes in the form of ruthless infighting. The “street fighters” are firm execs and their subordinates trying to shift blame for the firm’s failure to the lowest man (or lone woman played by Demi Moore) in the bureaucratic hierarchy.

Unlike in Heroes, Zachary Quinto isn’t among those getting his handy dirty or turning a blind eye to the risks that “cooked books” could lead to. He solves the puzzle that a predecessor who didn’t survive the pink-slip confetti time was sorting out (reminiscent of what  “Suresh”* used to do before dealing with Covert Affairs).

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