D.C. Bike Theft Chart & Story a.k.a. My First Post This Year (Three Months After New Year’s) !

Data: MS Excel/Oracle OpenOffice (Spreadsheet)

Story: “Citywide (Reported) Bike Thefts in D.C. Decline Over Four Years, Yet Ward 6 Remains a Hotspot

Data Source: D.C. Data Catalog (“Crime Incidents”)
Hint: For those non-tech/computer engineering people (such as myself), Google Refine (h/t Poynter Institute) is your best friend in actually making the default .CVS/KML format of the data catalog open up in Excel/OpenOffice.

Non-Wonky Biking Transportation Study: “Bicycling renaissance…” (J. Pucher et. al – Transportation Research, 2011)