2012 D.C. Primary Candidates &Their Corporate Contributions

Illustration/Infographic by Derrick Moore

More than half a million dollars’ worth of reported campaign contributions during the primary came from corporations, businesses (parking developers, realtors, restaurants, etc.) , and PACs – the precise figure being $590,786.95.

In a a January interview with WAMU’s Kojo Nnamdi, Council member Muriel Bowser remarked with great dismay in her voice,“Nobody talks about individuals.”

But I will, briefly, before diving into the corporate/business contributions.

The primary contribution records did show “democracy in action” in the form of average Joes-and-Janes contributing to their favoriate canditates. Their donations ranging from $5 to to maximum $1,000 (or a tadbit more for bundlers) made up primarily all of the candidates’ “war chests.”


Not-So Inconspicous Bundling (Beyond Contribution Limits), A Non-exhaustive Look:

Yvette Alexander:

  • $3,500 from the Henrico County (Va.)-Delaware-Originated Group (Springfield/Fairfax/Mount Vernon Petroleum…)
  • $6,000 from the Baltimore-Rodgers Legacy Clan of Twelve (Rodgers Legacy, Randa Investment Co, Inc, Redwood Apartments…)

Marion Barry:

  • $3,500 from the SAME Henrico County (Va.)-Delaware-Originated Group (Springfield/Fairfax/Mount Vernon Petroleum…)

Tom Brown:

Jack Evans:

  • $3,500 from the Clyde’s Incorporated (Gallery Place, Georgetown,…)
  • $7,000 from The Montrose Road Suite 500 Crew

Vincent Orange:

  • $9,000 from the Henrico County-Delaware Originated Group (Including Rock Creek/Capitol Petroleum which did not contribute to either Alexander or Barry)
  • $6,000 from The Montrose Road Suite 500 Crew

Peter Shapiro:

  • $2,700 from Foulger-Pratt Development LLC /Foulger-Pratt Managmenet/ Fougler-Pratt Rockledge Properties, all on March 20, 2012 (3/20/201

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Photo Credits:
T. Brown (Official Site): http://www.tombrownforward7.com/

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