L’Affaire DSK a.k.a. An Obligatory Francophone Post

The “Washington Exile” Returning to France to Become President?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Stefano Phoenix Stefano DiMera The Days of Our Lives TDOL

ANOTHER PHOENIX?: DSK might have more in common with Stefano DiMera than his looks.

Le Parisien article reports that 49 percent of a thousand French voters polled by Harris Interactive want Dominique Strauss-Kahn to return to French politics; forty-five percent do not.

When pollsters focused on specifically on the French left, les Socialistes and les MoDems, they overwhelming – 62. 5 percent to be exact – wanted existing candidates on the left (upcoming post) to postpone their primary until DSK is ready to finally toss his hat into la course presidentielle.

Less than thirty-six percent of leftist voters said “no” to the left candidates waiting for la retour de la Phénix.

Another poll by Le Nouvel Observateur is not as favorable. Sixty-three percent of 860 French voters told pollsters that they don’t think that he will be the Socialist Party’s candidate. The women polled were “les plus hostiles“, the most opposed, to his possible candidacy.

Free Man in ParisDetrompez-vous! (Think Again!)

The coverage of l’affaire DSK has been nothing short of a courtroom melodrama on the scale of Witness for the Prosecution, and not the average soap opera as one French journalist suggested.

Journalist Tristan Banan, one of the two women before Nafissatou Diallo has decided to file a lawsuit against DSK to prove that she’s not a “menteuse“, a liar. The second woman, Piroska Nagy was a IMF co-worker who felt forced into their affair while the two were both married.

2012 Presidential Polls: Before and After the Scandal

The latest Ipsos poll, with 1.8% margin of error, proves that two Socialist candidates are still expected to best Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2012 election. The possibly lame duck president has polled consistently at 21 percent.

The prevailing (substitute) Socialist candidates are former party secretaries Martine Aubry (30 percent) and Francois Hollande (32 percent).

Keep in mind that France does not have a two-party system but a multi-party one, guaranteeing a run-off since the first round will likely end with nobody garnering a majority of the vote. French voters will then decide between the two leading candidates from the first round.

While the Ipsos poll dropped DSK after his May 14 arrest, another poll did not, and the results show what a difference a rape case can make.

The latest IFOP popularity poll taken a month after his arrest shows the effect of the scandal on public opinion. DSK went from No. 1 to No. 31 out of 50 selected public officials. He’s now only nine points ahead of “Sarko”, instead of 41 points like in last month’s poll.

In a May IFOP poll, more than half of poll respondents (71 percent) held a favorable opinion of him. Only 39 percent felt the same the following month, marking a 82 percent drop in his favorability.

P.S. Hopefully, all these French mots will make up for the bad Franglais headlines written elsewhere.

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