Where Did the “Mother Nature Overlooking the Anacostia” Come From?

Glistening mosaic brightened up the drab side of a highway overpass in front of Kenilworth Park.

While returning from my hour (and some change) ride on the Anacostia (via a “party” barge boat), I stumbled upon a portrait of “Mother Nature” overlooking the river surrounded by a blue heron and water lilies.

Unfortunately, there was no artist signature to tell me whose addition to the side of an overpass was worth stopping me in my tracks to gawk at.

I like mysteries: I know that film noirs are more truthful than most “docudramas.” But this kind of mystery saddens me.

More picture posted below:









Accompanying “towers” with sunflowers and fluttering ladybugs among other Anacostia plant and wildlife captured in these colorful mosaic sculptures.

A Great Blue Heron soars in an azure sky.

“You say hello, and I say….” Goodbye! ‘Til next time!

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